Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor ‘Life, Sound & Space EP’ [2012]

Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor ‘Life, Sound & Space EP’ [2012]

Label: Seasons Recordings

Release date: 2012

Catalog number: SR070

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Life, Sound & Space EP
Life, Sound & Space EP
Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor

Taking a break from the soulful sounds of Seasons Limited to make it back to our oldest child Seasons Recordings to explore the deep house movement.
We welcome Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor to the family and they come with a classic sounding record that takes us back to the early days of the imprint.
If you love the early years of Seasons Recordings your really going to enjoy this one, as always sit back and enjoy the music!
Remember these records are designed to be play loud!
Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor Life Sound & Space EP’ Seasons Limited
1. How I Need You
2. The Calling
3. Windy City Jazz
4. First Contact
All tracks written, arranged & produced by Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor for Seasons Recordings 2012.
Seasons Limited SEA12-070 p & c Music, Soul , Nature
publishing administered by songs of Media Creature (bmi) 2012 & Jazz
Cafe Music (ascap) 2012.