Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor ‘What’s Going On’ [2014]

Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor ‘What’s Going On’ [2014]

Label: Unknown Season

Release date: 2014

Catalog number: USDC0039

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What's Going On
What's Going On
Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor

We are happy to introduce Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor to our label roster, who are surely not a unknown figure in the underground music scene. Tom Conrad is owner of Adaptation Music label such as DJ Spen, Matthias Vogt, Ananda Project, Mr V, Dawn Tallman & Carla Prather and many various artist releasing. Andre Bonsor is Schmoov are well respected in the house music community with several releases on the legendary Nottingham based record label DiY Discs, Paper Recordings and Schmoov’s very own label Winding Road and have previously supported Groove Armada on tour.
“What’s Going On” is touch of mid 90’s rave deep house for warehouse party in UK. It’s smoky, acidy and plus psychedelic feeling deep house track. And the sound is like 90’s Digs & Woosh, Swag, Crazy P… Hope you enjoy their dope track.