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Adaptation Music 01.02.20 mixed by Tom Conrad

Adaptation Music’s latest radio show podcast from 1st February 2020 is mixed by Tom Conrad and contains two hours of music from the likes of  Studioheist, Terry Lee Brown Jnr., Forteba, James Dexter, Roland Nights, Sebb Junior, Fish Go Deep  and more.

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix
Adaptation Music 01.02.20 Mixed By Tom Conrad (King Street / Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / Low Pressings / BOSH Recordings / Adaptation Music)
01 Chymera The Divided Self  
02 Tommy Bones Black Concept  
03 Kruse & Nuernberg Stealing Feeling  
04 Studioheist Negroni  
05 Shur-I-Kan Horse Play  
06 James Dexter Only You  
07 Tom Conrad Secrets Within  
08 Luca Lozano Soul123  
09 Hugo LX If Needed  
10 Junior Gee Way Down Low  
11 Terry Lee Brown Jnr & Ira Ange Innocent Forteba Remix
12 B&S Concept I Give You  
13 Boronas Fake Romance Nikola Gala Remix
14 Sebb Junior Wrong Turn  
15 Studioheist You  
16 Christian G Deep Reflection Jon Silva Remix
17 Bronx Cheer & Elliot Chapman 123  
18 Filth & Smell Groovin’ Roland Nights Remix
19 Chemars Paradox  
20 Domenech, Gabriel Sordo & Muan Ace Bass  
21 Fish Go Deep Baby Tell Me  
22 James Dexter System Check  

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Tom Conrad August 2017 Chart on Traxsource

Tom’s August 2017 chart includes music from Matthias Tanzmann, Spin Science, Hector Couto, Dennis Quin, Fish Go Deep, Mihai Popoviciu and more. Tom’s latest EP also features after rave reviews from some top international DJs including the likes of Bryan Jones, Arturo Garces, Nick Holder and more. Check out and support the tracks in the chart via the link below:

01_Tom Conrad – Hidden Desires [Adaptation Music]

02_Mihai Popoviciu – I Should [Poker Flat]

03_Tom Conrad – Spirals [Adaptation Music]

04_Spin Science – Forgotten [Oh! Records Stockholm]

05_Luna City Express & Desney Baley– Feel (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) [Lapsus Music]

06_Fish Go Deep – Baby Tell Me [Large Music]

07_Tom Conrad – Flash Of The Mind (Instrumental) [Adaptation Music]

08_Dennis Quin – LVME [Simma Black]

09_Armless Kid & Queen Rose – Loubar’s Stars [Classic Music Company]

10_Hector Couto – Talking A Lost [Saved Records]

11_Landmark – Just A Minute [Glasgow Underground]

12_ALBT – Say Yes [OneFold DGTL]

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Adaptation Music 22.07.17 mixed by Tom Conrad & Julian Sanza (Silver City)

Adaptation Music’s latest show was hosted by Tom Conrad alongside the brilliant Julian Sanza of SIlver City, whose recent remix of ‘Dumb But Beautiful’ on Adaptation Music reached #13 in the Deep House top downloads at Traxsource. A prolific producer and DJ for almost two decades now, he’s graced many a label such as 20:20 Vision as well as setting up his own Heartbeat Revolution imprint in recent times. Music on the show comes from Hector Couto, Josh Butler, Matthias Tanzmann, Dennis Quin, Fish Go Deep, Forteba and more.

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix
Adaptation Music 22.07.17 Mixed By Tom Conrad (Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / DeepWit Recordings)
01 J Mills Sauna
02 Hector Couto Kinky Pinky
03 Mihai Popoviciu I Should
04 Dennis Quin LVME
05 Robert Owens I’ll Be Your Friend Josh Butler Remix
06 Hector Couto Talking A Lost
07 Fish Go Deep Baby Tell Me
08 Spin Science Forgotten
09 Roby Deep Love For Us Forteba Remix
10 Steffen Deux Inhale
11 ALBT Say Yes
12 Luna City Express & Desney Baley Feel Matthias Tanzmann Remix
Adaptation Music 22.07.17 Mixed By Julian Sanza (Silver City / Adaptation Music / 20:20 Vision)
13 Tracklisting Currently Unavailable

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