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Adaptation Music Radio Show 13.02.21 mixed by Tom Conrad

Adaptation Music’s Tom Conrad delivers two hours of proper deep house music for the 206th show with great music from the likes of Jimpster, Jullian Gomes, Manoo & Francois A, Vince Watson, Lance Desardi, Demarkus Lewis, Joshua Iz, Ront Trent, Fred Everything and more.

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix
Adaptation Music 13.02.21 Mixed By Tom Conrad (Adaptation Music / King Street / Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / Low Pressings / BOSH Recordings)


01 Demarkus Lewis Ain’t Nobody Else  
02 Yusuke Yamamoto Woman  
03 Timmy P Stutter Doc Martin’s Sublevel Vocal
04 Gorge Hidaya  
05 Tojami Sessions Lake St Clair  
06 Jimpster Dangly Panther  
07 Manoo & Francois A Souvenir  
08 Jeff Haze Beat Laboratory  
09 Vince Watson The Spirit Dance  
10 Tom Conrad Look Back And Turn Around  
11 Urulu, Paul Cut Romance Track  
12 Serge Gee Choose Life  
13 Joshua Iz Antimatter Version  
14 Marsupials Vogon  
15 Jullian Gomes, Sio 1000 Memories Fred Everything Remix
16 Tommy Bones After The Club  
17 Hamza Mercury Deeper Grade  
18 Lance Desardi Field Recording  
19 Dense, Pika Oxbow Ron Trent Remix
20 Fred Everything True  
21 DJ Rasoul & Don Crisp Variance Variant 1
22 Jullian Gomes, Sarai Jazz Wait For You  

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Adaptation Music 25.04.20 mixed by Tom Conrad & Eric Davenport (Smitty & Davenport)

Adaptation Music’s latest radio show was hosted by Tom Conrad alongside special guest Eric Davenport (Smitty & Davenport / Mindloop Music) and is dedicated to the memory of the late Mike Huckaby, a true pioneer from the Detroit scene who helped to inspire and usher in the next generation of DJs and producers.  Music on the show comes from both Tom and Eric as well as Mike Huckaby, Sebb Junior, Studioheist, Sek, Black Loops, Fouk, James Dexter, Satoshi Fumi and more.

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix
Adaptation Music 25.04.20 Mixed By Tom Conrad (King Street / Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / Low Pressings / BOSH Recordings / Adaptation Music)
01 Mike Huckaby The Deep House World  
02 Mic Newman The Fidelity  
03 Foog Castles Satoshi Fumi Remix
04 James Dexter Only You  
05 Jimpster Just The Kind Of Girl  
06 Sebb Junior Everything  
07 Studioheist What You Do  
08 Fouk Down Below  
09 Sek Love Unlimited  
10 Ponty Mython & Black Loops Into The Wild  
11 Tom Conrad Spirals  
Adaptation Music 25.04.20 Mixed By Eric Davenport (Smitty & Davenport / Mindloop Music / Adaptation Music)
12 Smitty & Davenport Mercury Rising  
13 Tidy Daps It’s Ok  
14 Smitty & Davenport Been A Long Time  
15 Sek Fly A Sign  
16 Black Loops Blue Pill  
17 Zaki Ibrahim Be D-Malice Deep Dub Expression
18 Oskar Szafraniec & Piotr Bejnar Space & Time  
19 Kid Fonique & Sio In Love  
20 Smitty & Davenport Breathe Me In  
21 Villes Wax Jazzy Et Synthe Kevin Yost Remix
22 Smitty & Davenport You’re Never Alone  
23 Stanccione Quintana Jimpster Remix
24 Smitty & Davenport Casa Tulum Eric Davenport Remix

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