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Adaptation Music show 09.01.16 mixed by Tom Conrad & Iain Newton

The first Adaptation Music show of 2016 is once again hosted by Tom Conrad, this time alongside Nottingham based Iain Newton from the legendary Pop Up Parties and one time resident of Venus, an iconic club from yesteryear. Tracks featured on the show come from DJ Bee, Sebb Junior, Ian Pooley, Timmy P, Joeski and more. 

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix Label
Adaptation Music 09.01.16 Mixed By Tom Conrad (Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / Deepwit Recordings)
01 Prunk & Bas Roos What I Do   Inner City
02 Dj Caspa & Mike Millrain Free Your Mind   Simma Black
03 Demarzo Crazy   Underground Audio
04 Sebb Junior Let You Go   Madhouse
05 Sebb Junior Wrong Turn   Frigo Vide
06 Ian Pooley Organic   Lo.Rise
07 Timmy P Slug Life   Seven Music
08 Adham & Hisham Zahran Solar Jam Steve Mill Dub Moodmusic
09 Dj Bee Meets Soulution 4 Funk Corruption Original Mix Adaptation Music
10 Joeski Black Door   Kittball
11 Man With No Shadow Tom Ross   Alive
Adaptation Music 09.01.16 Mixed By Iain Newton (Pop Up Party / Venus)
12 Tracklist Currently Unavailable      

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Adaptation Music Show #150 Mixed By Tom Conrad

Adaptation Music reached its milestone 150th radio show on recently and Tom Conrad was on hand to provide 2 hours of non-stop deep house to mark the occasion. Check out the show and subscribe via iTunes to receive the bi-weekly podcast which airs from 7-9pm GMT on alternate Saturdays, see the link below.


## Artist Title Mix Label
01 Juliet Sikora Larry’s Garage Kittball
02 Golf Clap & Mark Millrain Pick You Up Country Club Disco
03 Demarkus Lewis Feat. Lacey Stars Had U First Roland Nights Remix Adaptation Music
04 Manik Silver Nice Age
05 Sebb Junior Everything Large Music
06 S.Jay Roller Deepalma
07 Sebb Junior Move It Madhouse
08 Askin Dedeoglu Together Adaptation Music
09 Moodtrap Body To Body Tsuba
10 Dj Bee Meets Soulution 4 Funk Corruption Matt Correa Remix Adaptation Music
11 D-Reflection Feat. Thor Dulay Real Life Fantasy D’s 909 Reflection Adaptation Music
12 Steve Mill Born To Do This Large Music
13 Fulbert Feel It Foul And Sunk
14 L.A Cerate Your Dreams Adaptation Music
15 Golf Clap Only One Mark Millrain Remix Country Club Disco
16 Mr Kavalicious Just A Part Of You Adaptation Music
17 Nacho Marco Feat. Natalie Duffy Hablame Loudeast
18 Paji & Juliet Sikora Dimension Deepalma
19 James Dexter One Day Lost My Dog
20 Hamza & Audio Units Chez Guru Spirit Catcher Remix Wind Horse
21 Christoph Guffaz Defected
22 Human Life & Annabel Englund El Diablo Joyce Muniz Remix Win Music
23 Jay-J Happy Music Moulton
24 Kiko Navarro & Dj Fudge Anyway I Want Large Music

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