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Adaptation Music 09.10.21 mixed by Tom Conrad

The latest Adaptation Music show comprises two hours of deep and jackin house from Tom Conrad featuring some great music from the likes of Black Loops, Sebb Junior, Chemars, Bernard Badie, Finest Wear, Demarkus Lewis, Colorjaxx, Criss Korey and more.

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


Adaptation Music 09.10.21 Mixed By Tom Conrad (Salted Music / King Street / Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / Low Pressings / Adaptation Music)
# Artist Track Name Mix Label

Ponty Mython, Black Loops Into The Wild Black Loops Mix Wewillalwaysbealovesong
02 Bernard Badie This Love   CDR
03 Vertigini The Shrimps   Myriad Black
04 Colorjaxx Sugar   Salted Music
05 Finest Wear Another Day   Adaptation Music
06 Delgado Play Low Now   Hive
07 Gorge Phat Dripping   8bit
08 Black Loops Cassette 2   Toy Tonics
09 Chemars The Place To Be   Gingko Music
10 Saison Call Me   Large Music
11 Ed Nine Almost There   Groove Access
12 Nikola Gala Get Your Soul Back   Metropolitan
13 Tommy Largo Need U So Bad   Deepjacking
14 86deep Hot Night   Unique 2 Rhythm
15 Chemars Sweet Music   Gingko Music
16 Criss Korey The Dreamers   Salted Music
17 Demarkus Lewis, The Journey Men Stand No More The Journey Men Remix No Fuss
18 Criss Korey Ride The Wave   Salted Music
19 Sebb Junior U Got 2   Reel People Music
20 Tom Conrad Jazz Fly   Adaptation Music
21 Ronan Nouvelle   Plastic City

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Adaptation Music 11.05.19 mixed by Tom Conrad & Full Intention

Adaptation Music latest show welcomes back show favourites Full Intention, the UK based producers who have made waves in house music over the last couple of decades. Tracks on the show include artists such as  Kerri Chandler, Joey Negro, Demarkus Lewis, Kings Of Tomorrow, Hector Couto, Arturo Garces, Studioheist and more.

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix
Adaptation Music 11.05.19 Mixed By Tom Conrad (King Street / Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / BOSH Recordings / Adaptation Music)
01 Huerta Mandala  
02 Makam You Mights Lose It Kerri Chandler Remix
03 Demarkus Lewis Ft. Lacey Stars Had U First Roland Nights Remix
04 Studioheist What You Do  
05 The Mekanism Felicidad  
06 Timmy P Afterparty  
07 Matt McLarrie Jazz Kneecaps  
08 Hector Couto Nasty Is Tasty  
09 ColorJaxx Keep It Real  
10 City Soul Project The Ride  
11 Arturo Garces Stay Forever  
Adaptation Music 11.05.19 Mixed By Full Intention (Defected / Toolroom / Simma Black / Azuli)


12 Roisto Ft Powerdress All Yours Full Intention Dub
13 Smoke & Mirrors Cut The Gas  
14 Yuksek I Don’t Have A Drum Machine  
15 Rockers Revenge What About The People Full Intention Dub
16 Moogy Bee The Paper Da Groupie Discomix
17 Ashford & Simpson Found A Cure Joey Negro Found A Dub Mix
18 Skyy Let’s Celebrate The Reflex Revision
19 Ron Carroll Atmosphere Strut


20 Modento Give Me The Sunshine Vertigini Remix
21 Full Intention The Guitar Full Intention Hi Mix
22 Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic In Arms Extended Mix
23 Kings Of Tomorrow Finally DarioD’Attis Extended Remix

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