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Adaptation Music 15.09.18 mixed by Tom Conrad & Arturo Garces

The latest Adaptation Music radio show and podcast showcases two hours of deep, tech and jackin house from Tom Conrad and top U.S west coast DJ and producer Arturo Garces. Music on the show comes from Tom Conrad, Huxley, Green Velvet, Demarkus Lewis and many more.

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix Label
Adaptation Music 15.09.18 Mixed By Tom Conrad (King Street / Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / Adaptation Music) 
01 Tom Conrad Deeper High Adaptation Music
02 Huxley Atonement 2020 Vision
03 Jamie Trench Cream Tsuba
04 Cassandra Daiva Sweet Addiction Bonzai
05 Squicciarini Relationships Cube Trax
06 Le Babar & Pat Lezizmo So High Demarkus Lewis Baked Goods Mix GrooveTraxx
07 Milton Jackson Breathe Neurotraxx
08 Green Velvet Feat. Kid Sister Everybody Wants Relief
09 Yan Gordo Take It Easy Adaptation Music
10 Tom Conrad Dreamcatcher Adaptation Music
11 Tom Conrad Jazz Fly **Unsigned
Adaptation Music 15.09.18 Mixed By Arturo Garces (Jump Music / Robsoul / Large Music / Doin Work)
12 Tracklisting Currently Unavailable

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Adaptation Music show 25.07.15 mixed by Tom Conrad & Nockasson (L.A Cerate)

Tom Conrad’s guest on this week’s show is Nockasson (L.A Cerate), who is welcomed back exactly one year after his previous appearance. Two hours of the finest deep house as usual, featuring the likes of Dirt Crew Recordings, Urulu, Sebb Junior, Harry Romero, Soledrifter, Huxley, Jordan Peak & more. Listen again or download the podcast via iTunes via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix Label
Adaptation Music 25.07.15 Mixed By Tom Conrad (Seasons Recordings / Bonzai Music / Deepwit Recordings)
01 Brame & Hamo Lamaj Dirt Crew
02 G Spice & Nick Bumbaris Don’t Be Afraid Of The Underground Sebb Junior Remix Large Music
03 Sebb Junior Wrong Turn Frigo Vide
04 Soledrifter Soul Groove Large Music
05 Urulu & Steve Huerta Settle Back Easy Jim Dirt Crew
06 Rhymos Cancel Reality Jordan Peak Remix Murmur
07 Harry Romero Magma Black Rock
08 Emanuel Satie To The Roots Gruuv
09 Frankey & Sandrino Acamar Innervisions
10 Homero Espinosa & Tobirus Mozelle Take You There Cubase Dan Remix Moulton Music
11 Jordan Peak Move With It Huxley Warehouse Dub Klasse Recordings
12 James Dexter True Lost My Dog
Adaptation Music 25.07.15 Mixed By Nockasson (L.A Cerate / Adaptation Music)
13 Tracklisting Currently Unavailable

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